Our goal is to simply educate on how hydrogen is shown to help and affect the body as seen in hundreds of peer reviewed studies. Our goal is NOT to give medical advice in regards to hydrogen and any specific diagnosis.* 
Below are roughly a hundred hand picked studies all organized onto categories for you to easily navigate among them. There are about 700 peer reviewed studies and articles all expressing and showing the effects of Hydrogen (H2) on various disease models. 
Hydrogen has been shown in studies to...
  • Support mental focus
  • Boost the metabolism
  • Support natural antioxidant relationships in the body
  • Stop free radicals
  • Hydrate better
  • Support major organs in the body
  • Support gut health
  • And more!
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Exploring Hydrogen
In a perfect specimen, the gut microbiome creates hydrogen as a by product of healthy bacteria in the intestines.
Then, why are people selling hydrogen products?
Simply put, as humans we don't always follow the best or most healthy diet. We don't take care of ourselves as we should. We take antibiotics, drink soda, alcohol, eat sugar and carbohydrate rich foods, and hardly touch a good organic salad. 

This is the most common diet in the world and sadly it destroys not only the lining in our gut but also introduces bad bacteria and destroys the environment that the good bacteria need to live. 

GMOs and pesticide heavy foods also destroy and kill the good bacteria in the gut which ultimately kills the body's ability to create hydrogen. If you kill the body's ability to create hydrogen then you kill the body's ability to stop cancer causing diseases starting at the cellular level. 
This is why 1 in 2 people get cancer...
Because of the gut damage from bad dieting and pharmaceutical abuse, companies have to create hydrogen producing machines that re-supplement hydrogen back into the body and the gut. 
It's never too late!
If people change their dieting habits, the gut can heal and be healthy again.  
What Is Hydrogen?
Hydrogen is the first element on the Periodic Table of Elements. Remember back to high school chemistry where you learned about how elements work together to create bonds and form new molecules. Because hydrogen is the first molecule, it only has 1 electron and 1 proton. It is slightly unstable when it is by itself and is rare to find it by itself in the world. It is almost always found bonded to itself or others in a symbiotic relationship making it and those it bonds with, stable. 

In our case, we will always be looking at it in a diatomic or molecular view as H2 (meaning two hydrogen atoms bonded together).
Why Is Hydrogen So Important?
Hydrogen's importance has everything to do with its size. Because it is the smallest element on the periodic table of elements, it can easily diffuse across cell membranes and through many substances. It is also easily dissolved in water making water the ideal vehicle to transport hydrogen into the body. 
Why Is Hydrogen Beneficial To The Body?
Hydrogen is extremely beneficial to the body due to its size. When you drink Hydrogen Enriched Water, you are drinking a solution of H2O and H2. The enriched water travels into your mouth and down into the stomach. All along the way, hydrogen has the ability to diffuse into the blood stream sublingually and through the body tissue that it comes into contact with. 

Once in the stomach, it can stimulate certain gastric hormones and signaling secretions which can help with certain disease. Once it passes from the stomach into the small intestines, the real magic starts. Hydrogen has the ability to stimulate anaerobic micro-flora growth in the gut. These are healthy bacteria found in your gut that helps to produce healthy gasses and provide much needed maintenance of the lining in your gut. They are superstars. Hydrogen absorbs into the blood stream and into vital organs where it permeates your cells. 
Hydrogen Is a ROS Scavenger!
Once in the cell, hydrogen scavenges and readily combines with ROS species like Hydroxyl Radicals (*OH) and turns into water which both hydrates the cell where dehydration truly takes its toll and curbs the DNA damaging effects of free radicals in the the cell.
In other words, hydrogen enters your cells and stops the negative effects that are cancer causing while hydrating the cell at the same time. 
Hydrogen (H2) Studies
We do not personally publish or fund studies or offer medical advice.* The studies and articles are for educational purposes. 
Brain & Neuro
Human Studies
H2 As An Antioxidants
Water Facts/Studies
Inflammation & Pain
Colon & Detox
Excercise & Fitness
Eyes & Ears
Our Recommendations On Choosing a Hydrogen Product
H2 Tablets
Hydrogen tablets are elemental magnesium based tablets that react with water through a micro electrolysis relationship on a molecular level. It is effervescent in nature and is typically dropped into a 16 oz bottle of water. The trick is to not have any air space in the bottle. On average, these products retail for $60 dollars. Most offer a 30-60 day supply. 

The cost for this product to be your main source of hydrogen is far more expensive than owning your own machine in the long run. 
H2 Water Machines
This category may be the most controversial of all categories.There are two crucial parts to this category:
  • Nuetral H2 Water (NOT ALkaline pH water with H2)
  •  Robust, Clean Filtration that targets: pesticides, pharmaceuticals, heavy/ soluble metals, chlorine, fluoride, and thousands of other chemicals, etc. 
There are many companies that all claim to manufacture or sell Hydrogen Water Machines. Be aware that in many cases they are nothing more than an Alkaline Water machine that may create H2 as a byproduct of changing pH to an alkaline state but will need to be striped and cleaned every two weeks to ensure optimal hydrogen production. If it creates molecular hydrogen through a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) then you are most likely safe. 

Even in this regard, it is wise to be aware that many products that claim to operate via PEM aren't always the best quality. In many cases, they have been found to leak onto your counter tops leaving you with severe kitchen damage, electrical issues in the machine, and a gross lack of good filtration.

When shopping for a Hydrogen Water Machine, you will want to look for a good warranty, long track record in the industry, and are they a multi level marketing company or not. If you enjoy being apart of a Multi Level Marketing/Direct Sales Company to be able to buy a Hydrogen Water Machine, then there are several companies out there. But there are also other direct ecommerce companies in the industry that sell directly to you. Know before you buy.

Do they have robust filtration that will filter toxins like chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and heavy metals. In this day and age, this is absolutely crucial. There are very few companies that offer built in filtration of the proper caliber in the product. Most offer pre-filtration at an added cost. Know before you buy.
H2 Drops
This is a very unique way of creating hydrogen. It also uses elemental magnesium to react with water. It is much more versatile in that it is not restricted to a specific volume of 16oz like the tablets. There is no magnesium taste as the magnesium is enveloped in a Non-GMO glycerol oil which is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is sweet-tasting and non-toxic. 1 drop is used for 3 oz of electrolyte water. There is only one company that manufactures this product, Echo® H2 Water from Synergy Science, Inc. which retails around $39.95.
Pre-made Hydrogen Water Pouches
We want to start out by saying that this is some times a waste of money. The only benefits that you will most likely see is the benefits from general hydration simply by drinking water. These companies offer hydrogen enriched water in many types of containers. Sadly, the very nature of hydrogen that makes it so ideal as an antioxidant is also the very reason why it is extremely difficult to store for periods of time. 

Hydrogen Is very small.

There is only one known substance that is a specific form of aluminum that can store hydrogen without leaking. After testing their water with a hydrogen meter and an H2 Blue Reagent, we found no presence of hydrogen. It is suspected that the hydrogen that was once in the water has traveled to the top and diffused out through the plastic cap that comes with the product. 

Hydrogen will only stay dissolved in water for up to two weeks, under standard atmospheric pressure. There is one other company that we found to have aluminum seals instead of plastic caps. This would have a much better chance of staying hydrogenated. 

Another worry that we had with this product type is that no one has tested if trace amounts of aluminum is leached into the water after sitting on the shelf for weeks and months.   
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