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Effect of alkaline ionized water on reproduction in gestational and lactational rats

Year Published: 1995

Alkaline ionized water (AKW) produced by electrolysis was given to gestational and lactational rats, and its effect on dams, growth of fetuses and offsprings were investigated. The results showed that the intake of food and water in dams increased significantly when AKW was given from the latter half of the gestation period and from the former half of the lactation period. Body weight of the ...

Psychophysiological reactions in humans during an open sea dive to 500 m with a ...

Year Published: 1994

Six commercial divers were investigated for neurological and psychosensorimotor responses during an open sea dive to 500 m with a hydrogen-helium-oxygen mixture containing 49% hydrogen. Results showed only moderate neurological symptoms of high-pressure nervous syndrome, whereas the narcotic effect of hydrogen was detectable, as investigated by psychosensorimotor tests. Nevertheless, the divers ...

Production, metabolism, and excretion of hydrogen in the large intestine

Year Published: 1992

Hydrogen is produced during fermentation in the large intestine and may be excreted in breath and flatus or further metabolized by the flora. However, there is little information about total H2 excretion from different substrates or the extent to which it is metabolized in the colon. We have therefore measured total H2 and methane excretion in 10 healthy subjects using a whole body calorimeter. ...

Hydra V Hydrogen Experimental Dive To 450 Meters

Year Published: 1986

HYDRAV was performed in COMEX Marseille hyperbaric Research Center in May and June 1985.During this Experiment, 6 divers lived at a simulated depth of 450 meters in a hyperbaric atmosphere composed of hydrogen, helium and oxygen (hydreliox). Tradition deep diving with helium is limited by 2 Factor: – High Pressure Nervous syndrome (HENS) that causes Motricity disorders beyond 300 meters. – Gas ...

Response of five established solid transplantable mouse tumors and one mouse leukemia to hyperbaric ...

Year Published: 1978

A variety of transplantable mouse tumors were used in experiments to determine the efficacy of hyperbaric hydrogen treatment. After 7 continuous days of hyperbaric hydrogen treatment, no inhibition of tumor growth was observed.

Hyperbaric hydrogen therapy: A possible treatment for cancer

Year Published: 1975

Hairless albino mice with squamous cell carcinoma were exposed to a mixture of 2.5 percent oxygen and 97.5 percent hydrogen at a total pressure of 8 atmospheres for periods up to 2 weeks in order to see if a free radical decay catalyzer, such as hydrogen, would cause a regression of the skin tumors. Marked aggression of the tumors was found, leading to the possibility that hyperbaric hydrogen ...

Production and Excretion of Hydrogen Gas in Man

Year Published: 1969

Technics employing intestinal infusions of gas were used to study H2 production in the human intestine. The volume of H2 in the bowel of 10 normal subjects varied from 0.06 to 29 ml. H2 production, which averaged 0.24 ml per minute in the fasting state, sharply increased after intestinal instillation of lactose to a mean peak rate of 1.6 ml per minute. Ingestion of food also increased H2 ...

Senn on the Diagnosis of Gastro-Intestinal Perforation by the Rectal Insufflation of Hydrogen Gas

Year Published: 1888

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